Academy Parents - Exploitation Alert: Cunch Line Chronicles App

15th Dec 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please see below information with relation to a new app that poses a risk to young people.

The Cunch Line Chronicles App is advertised as ‘a light-hearted, satirical take on the darker side of urban UK culture’.

In reality, this app is an exploitation risk for young and vulnerable people as it appears to have an in-chat facility which could enable grooming and recruitment to real life County Lines gangs.

The National Crime Agency, National Policing Vulnerability Knowledge and Practice Programme and the National County Lines Co-ordination Centre are aware of this app.

The agencies are investigating the action that can be taken to protect young and vulnerable people from the risk of being exploited via this app.

During a period where our young people are spending an increasing amount of time online, we encourage you to monitor your child’s activity as far as you see fit.

Kind regards,

Danetta Powell
Club Safeguarding Manager

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