Important Academy Update 2 | COVID-19 Virus

13th Mar 2020

Sent on behalf of Academy Manager, Kristjaan Speakman:

Following the information sent yesterday please note the below update for all players.

In accordance with the government’s guidelines the PL and EFL have met earlier today, resulting in a postponement of all games programmes until April 3rd. The current correspondence states a recommencement of the programme on Saturday 4th April.

Senior Club staff have met again today and we have suspended all U9-U16 activities until further notice. This will be reviewed on 20th March with a further update provided.

Guidance on physical maintenance will be provided via player/parent WhatsApp groups in due course by our Sports Science & Medicine team.

Should an Academy player or any members of a player’s immediate family encounter minor symptoms please ensure Academy Operations Manager Tim Smith is notified so we can accurately oversee the effect this situation has on our players enabling us to act appropriately. Tim can be contacted via email on or mobile on 07584685360.

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