U13/U14 Monday Night Training Groups

6th Sep 2019

To U13/U14 Parents, 

The U13/U14 group will be split into 2 groups, this is to maximise everyone’s playing / training time on a Monday evening’s activities.

There will be a group training at the Sports Hall (King Edward VI Five Ways Schhol, B32 4BS) we have hired and a group training at the training ground in the Dome. We will then rotate the groups on Mesocycle 3.

Monday night’s starting WEEK COMMENCING 16th SEPTEMBER (CW12) will be the following:

Sports Hall Group
Will O’Sullivan
Olly Sayer
Taylor Dodd
Trevan Sanusi
Tyree Sanusi
Jersey Lopez
Zach Willis
Romelle Donavan
Louie Rea
Byron Pendleton
Frank Tattum
Will Burrell
Caleb Sanders
Cameron Eubank
Jamie Robinson
Alessandro Da Silva

Dome group
Ty Warmington
Carter Minnot
Luca Moore
Abdel Chouaib
George Wynne
Blessing Mukusa
O’Shea Ellis
Cuba Mitchell
Osase Okuonghae
Adriano Robinson
Ethan Bracer
Godfred Boyake
Zaid Betteka
Callum Perry
Luke Roberts
Mekhi Farrell
Mohammed Yussef Ahmed

Many Thanks 

BCFC Academy

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