HUDL | Individual Objective Tasks

6th Feb 2019

Hi All,

You may be aware that the performance analysis & data department have been conducting inductions with all players from U12-U18 on how to use Hudl in line with the new IOT process.

To outline this process so the Parents & Guardians are aware:

1) Each player has been assigned a 'priority learning objective' that they are to analyse over the 9-week cycle.

2) Each player has also been assigned a 'player model' of a professional player that they can also analyse in line with their objective.

3)  Over the 9 weeks of the cycle the players are expected to clip and analyse positive and negative examples of their priority objective from their own footage and their player model.

Each player has been taught how to use Hudl using both a computer and tablet device. However, should they need any further assistance there are 2 Hudl tutorial videos (1 for computer devices and 1 for mobile and tablet devices) that can be found on Hudl.

If there are any other queries around the use of Hudl or the IOT process, please don't hesitate to email me and I will help and advise where possible.

Many Thanks

Danny Barham

Head of Performance Analysis & Data

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