13th Jul 2018

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Due to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came in to force in May 2018, we have undertaken a review of our communications policy, with particular reference to the way in which we interact with players through the WhatsApp platform. Typically, social media platforms in the UK have a minimum age restriction of thirteen; which WhatsApp had previously complied with. However, since the introduction of GDPR they have taken the steps to raise the minimum age at which a person can join their online service without the consent of a parent/guardian to sixteen.

To safeguard staff and players, we are asking that all parents with children currently in the U12-16 age groups provide us with signed consent to their child being contacted by Birmingham City Academy staff, based on the following guidelines:

 Communication via WhatsApp will be monitored by the Academy Management Team who will be named Administrators alongside our Academy Operations Team.
 Academy staff who have access to these groups have been instructed that any content shared should be purely for information and/or educational purposes, directly linked to regular activities undertaken within the Academy environment.
 No member of staff is permitted to use the WhatsApp groups or any other social media platform to contact a child individually outside of the group for any other reason than those stated above*.
 The staff and player code of conduct applies to any content posted in the WhatsApp groups. Any misuse or breach of these will be dealt with in accordance with Club policy.

* In some circumstances, and where deemed appropriate by relevant members of staff it may be required to contact players individually outside of the WhatsApp group. If/when such a time occurs, parents will be made aware.

Updated terms and services from WhatsApp can be found here

Please following the link below to provide necessary information and grant consent for your son to be included in BCFC WhatsApp communication.

Parental Consent Survey


Many thanks,


Academy Operations Manager

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