Week 40 Player Reviews

6th Apr 2018


The week 40 reviews are  approaching and once these are complete, players will have the opportunity to lead on discussing their progress with a short presentation to their parents, coaches and wider multidisciplinary team. This letter will explain the changes we are making to content of the presentations.

Players will lead their 15 minute review with a short presentation of no more than 7 minutes. This can be in any format they choose but will now cover three specific areas.
• What will they stop doing?
• What will they continue doing?
• What will they start doing?

For players in the U9-U12 groups they must select one area to highlight for each area and cover this in their presentation.

For the U13 to U16 players they must cover 5 areas with at least one in each category; stop, continue and start.

For players U17 an above they will be required to select 7 areas taking a more detailed look in to their progress across all aspects of the programme.

In rgeards to video content, we have limited this to three clips per presentation to help players communicate what is they are looking to stop, continue or start. We have included examples below of areas players may choose.

Something you would like to stop doing that would help your development Something your are currently doing that you would like to continue with Something you can start doing to assist your development
“I need to stop being late as this is limiting my training time and therefore my development.”

“I need to stop moaning at my team mates in games, and be a more positive influence in the team.”

“I have started to attend with all the correct kit since the last review and I need to continue this as a habit.”

“I must continue to value my pre-hab sessions as they help increase mobility and reduce the risk of injury.”

“I haven’t been reviewing my Individual Clips post game and this is an area I need to start.”

I need to start getting back into a defensive shape in games quicker.”

Presentations will take place week commencing 16th April. Details of which age groups will present on which day and how to book an appointment will be added to the website on 10th April.

Many thanks,


Academy Operations Manager



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