Quinton Sports Hall

21st Nov 2017

Notice for all parents and players regarding Quinton Sports Hall.

In the interests of the health and safety of all players, please note the new rules for our sessions at Quinton, which will come into effect immediately.

1. No parents/spectators inside the venue.
2. Players that are off stay in viewing area.
3. All bags and bottles stay in viewing area.
4. No slide tackles.
5. Coaches must escort players to parents at the end of the session.

The decision to not allow parents or spectators in the venue has not been taken likely, as we appreciate it may cause some inconvenience. However, we must think first about the safety of players; and take every precaution to avoid injury. As such, unfortunately the indoor venue has been deemed too small to allow any non-essential persons.

We would ask you all for your full cooperation in implementing these rules.

Many thanks,

The Academy Management Team

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