Academy Photoshoot 17-18

23rd Aug 2017

Once again the Academy Photoshoot is upon us. Following on from the notification sent out in June, we can confirm the details are as follows:

The photoshoots will be taking place at Wast Hills Training Ground on Tuesday 29th and Thursday 31st August.

An external photographer from AM Sports Photography will be coming along to take 4 individual shots and one squad photo per age group.

The timeslots are as follows:

  • U9 - Thursday - 12.50
  • U10 - Thursday - 12.50
  • U11 - Thursday - 13.10
  • U12 - Thursday - 13.10
  • U13 - Thursday - 09.00
  • U14 - Tuesday - 09.00
  • U15 - Tuesday - 08.50
  • U16 - Tuesday - 08.50
  • U18 - Tuesday - 10.40

All players will be wearing their blue match kit for these photos, therefore you are all expected to arrive at least 10 minutes before your designated time. Due to the strict timings above, we cannot wait for anybody that is running late so please ensure you arrive on time.

The Photoshoot timings have been added to the schedule.

Due to the logistics of these photoshoots, along with the pre season schedule and bookings for the photography company, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate for players who are away on these dates.

Purchasing the Photos

The process of purchasing the photos will be the same as last year.

The photographers will create a pack for each player that will be sent to the Training Ground. The coaches will hand out the packs to players / parents and the parents will then liaise directly with the photography company in order to either buy the photos or send the pack back.


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