27th Apr 2017

If you were unable to collect your tickets during the designated evening timeslots at the Training Ground this week, tickets will be distributed in the following ways:

  • Players who have prepaid their tickets will be given their tickets in an envelope during a training session next week.
  • Players who have not prepaid their tickets will need to see Ciara Gallagher in her office opposite the Coaching Office to pay for their tickets and collect them.

Tickets will not be distributed until they have been paid for.

For those families that requested additional adult and child tickets, we can confirm that these requests have been accepted and you have been allocated additional tickets at a maximum 2 adults and/or 2 children each. Therefore, if you requested 2 adult tickets and 3 additional adult tickets, you will receive 4 adult tickets in total.

If you have asked for more than 2 additional adult and/or 2 additional child tickets, we will let you know by Friday 5th May if these are available.

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