Performance Review Presentations | Week 40

6th Apr 2017

The 4th and final performance review period for our players has arrived. This week our coaches have been engaging with them on a 1 to 1 basis to review their current objectives. Following this, a full review will be compiled on the PMA as per our usual review points throughout the season. As we are at coaching week 40, all players will be required to present to staff and parent / guardians as per the task set below.

Player Task
Following the 1 to 1 review between players and coaches, each player will need to prepare a presentation. This can be in any format the player desires. The presentation must include the following points and be no longer than 8 minutes in duration:
·        Outline what the player’s new objectives are following the 1 to 1 review.
·        Describe how these objectives will be improved over the following months in the lead up to week 10 of the 2017/18 season.
·        Select two objectives which the player feels are a priority in their development providing further detail by highlighting:
(A) Examples of the objective being performed well by professional players.
(B) Examples of the objective being performed unsuccessfully by the player.
(C) Examples of the objective being performed successfully by the player.

The upcoming review meetings are compulsory for all staff, players and parents, and are critical in our player development. These review meetings will commence from Tuesday 18th April on the schedule shown below and will have an impact on the usual training timetable which is updated on the website.

Tuesday 18th - U9 / U12 Groups
Wednesday 19th - U11 / U14 / GK Groups
Thursday 20th - U10 / U13 / U15 Groups

To book a review slot please email

Please ensure you have booked a timeslot by 5pm on Friday 14th April.

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