Kristjaan Speakman

Academy Manager

Stuart English

Assistant Academy Manager

Lee Carsley

Head Professional Development Coach



Richard Beale

Senior Professional Development Coach


Ciara Gallagher

Academy Operations Manager



Matt Stewart

Assistant Academy Operations Manager



Dan Ferrar

Transport and Matchday Coordinator



Steve Spooner

Lead Professional Development Coach



Karl Hooper

Professional Development Coach



Sam Meek

Lead Goalkeeping Coach


Mike Dodds

Lead Youth Development Coach



Martyn Olorenshaw

Youth Development Coach



James Brayne

Foundation Coach



Richard Brooke

Foundation Coach



Wes Hughes

Safeguarding Services Officer & Academy Coach




Mark Sinclair

Head of Education



Simon Houston

Lead Performance Analyst



Mukesh Talwar

Assistant Performance Analyst

Matt Nield

Assistant Performance Analyst



Simon Jones

Recruitment Manager



Carl McNally

Recruitment Officer



Dave Singleton

Head of  Academy Sport Science & Medicine



Luke van Zyl

Academy Physiotherapist (U18)



Luke Thomas

Academy Physiotherapist (U9-16)



Alexander Ng

Academy Graduate Physiotherapist



Tom Page

Sport Scientist (Professional)



Elliott Woolmer

Academy Sport Scientist (U18)




Andy Cunningham

Academy Sport Scientist (U9-16)